Edwards Media | A Smart Package: Customer Story Videos
Edwards Media is an austin video production company producing commercials, documentaries and web-videos for clients.
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A Smart Package: Customer Story Videos


How do you get a ton a quality content in a short period of time? Have your best customers star in your web commercials. We recently finished a successful shoot with Texas Fleet Fuel producing a series of nine customer testimonials over four days of filming.


This is a great option for you as the client because: 1) there is no script to write, 2) it’s cost effective, 3) and customers listen to customers. 


The concept is simple. Contact your favorite customers and ask them for two hours of their time to be interviewed in their own office about your services. We show up with a couple cameras, a couple lights, and a lapel mic and simply ask them about their experience. You’ll find that most customers are enthusiastic to participate.


It’s a quick, fun way to generate lots of online content from your best marketing resource: your customers.


Edwards Media video production company

Edwards Media video production company

Edwards Media video production company

Edwards Media Austin video production company