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Cedar Park Police Recruitment Video

Coming soon to a theater near you

The Cedar Park Police Department does things a little differently

They are a community relations success story. They are engaged on social media – and have a sense of humor about it. And they just really enjoy their job.

For these reasons, we were excited to team up with them to produce a recruitment video. We quickly learned that they were enthusiastic and creative partners, so we decided to go big and pitch to them the most cinematic treatment we could think of.

We’re making a movie trailer.

An abandoned house, fog machines, a Cops-style camera crew, and officers in full regalia made for an excellent start to this high-quality brand film for the Cedar Park PD.

The best part – they’re buying ad space at the local movie theaters to show the recruitment video during previews.

During several days of filming, we tagged along as the officers went through various forms of training. We were also able to sit down with them for interviews and learn why they decided to join the force and what keeps them coming back every day.

They’re passionate about keeping their community safe. We’re passionate about making beautiful story-based brand films. 

It’s client like these that make us love our job.

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