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American Sniper Shootout with Tayla Kyle, Bruce Piatt, and Tracking Point Austin Video Production
Chris Kyle, Taya Kyle, Bruce Piatt, Tracking Point, rifle, American Sniper, Shootout, Austin video production
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Taya Kyle and the American Sniper Shootout



A couple weeks ago, Edwards Media went out to the ranch of TrackingPoint founder, John McHale, to meet Taya Kyle (widow of American Sniper, Chris Kyle) as the two demoed the TrackingPoint rifle:  a precision-guided smart gun that locks onto the target and fires for you.


Taya Kyle, widow of American Sniper, Chris Kyle


On December 5 TrackingPoint will be hosting the American Sniper Shootout in Mason, TX. Taya will be competing against the best marksman in the world, Bruce Piatt. If he wins, he’ll get one million dollars. The catch is that she’ll be using the Tracking Point rifle.  


There’s 1 million dollars on the line

The competition is to promote the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation and showcase the cutting edge technology of Tracking Point targeting systems. The American Sniper Shootout will include food, music, and cinema-like shooting competitions with moving targets, explosions and one million dollars on the line.

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